TKO Spirit (Heavy)
TKO Spirit (Heavy)

TKO Spirit (Heavy)

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The TKO triumphs at the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament, claiming the coveted USD$1.7 million Fabulous Fisherman prize for Captain Rom Whitaker! 

The TKO has a smooth running aggressive action due its angled face and beveled edge making it the perfect long corner or short rigger lure or teaser. The TKO during testing has already become a firm favourite amongst many well known captains in North Carolina.

Now it is your turn to join the winner's circle with the TKO model!

  • Skirted Length: 420mm / 16.5”
  • Hook Size: 10/0 – 11/0
  • Leader Size: 400lb – 600lb
  • Bonze replacement skirt size BS12


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